Cinema this Summer: 3 reasons to watch a movie

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Cinema in Summer? Have you already tried it?

Wether you’re working or you’re on holidays, it is the best periode of time to watch some films.

Here are 3 reasons why you should go to the cinema this Summer:

There are many outdoor projections and the weather is great. So let’s take advantage from it.
That’s the season of high quality festivals.
And interesting movies are broadcasted in cinemas.

Of course, you do know that we’re going to give you some tips about African and/or Caribbean movies.

Outdoor projections

Aya de Yopougon in Berlin

Aya de Yopougon
Aya de Yopougon

Monday, 21st August (re-)enjoy the cartoon made from a comic: Aya de Yopougon.
Aya is a young lady living in the neighbourhood of Yopougon, Abidjan- Ivory Coast. She’s doing her best by studying hard to design herself a future outside from the « traditions ».
Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie describe the daily life of families and the Ivorian youth in the 70s. And they add as much humour as Ivorian people are well known to master it. Some scenes seem to be familiar with our current time and others may remind you the stories your parents have been talking about.


Outdoor Cinema Festivals

We would like to inform you about 2 majors festivals that you can’t miss!

Black Movie Summer


cinema festival: Black Movie Summer
cinema festival: Black Movie Summer

Every week-ends of August at 88 Menilontant, in Paris, enjoy the African and Caribbean creativity. It is where the Black Movie Summer takes place. This festival is dedicated to movies and gives a large spot to music, fahion & design and even beauty as well. Therefor if you didn’t have the opportunity yet to travel, just go there and take advantage of a weekend to do a nice trip. You will visit so many countries and discover diverse cultures without leaving Paris.

This year theme is ROYALTY. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • La France Cachée de Christin Bela
  • The Adventures Of Selika de Sybil Mair (first world preview)
  • 195 Lewis de Rae Leon Allen et Chanelle Pearson
  • Maman(s) de Maïmouna Doucouré
  • Vers La Tendresse de Alice Diop

Entry on donation


Cinewax Outdoors

cinema festival - Cinewax Outdoor, 2nd edition
cinema festival – Cinewax Outdoor, 2nd edition

From an ambitious idea – putting under the spot light the African cinema – they have gathered more than 500 people for their first edition, last year. This festival is combining the work of many activists, who do their best to promote african and Caribbean cultures. They are involved in gastronomy, music, litterature, storytelling and many more. Over one day Cinewax is undertaking the challenge to gather as many people as possible. One place to enjoy all together, cultures and African creativities.

The philosophy is to set Cinewax as a key player in promoting those movies. Cinema does the magic to create bridges between people. It allows those who can’t travel to fly. Those who can’t escape from their daily lives, can dream. Films are providing people, even those who couldn’t go to school, with cultural and artistic education.

What to expect this year at Cinewax Outdoor?

The 2nd edition will take place on the 3rd September, from 1 to 11h30 pm – Paris, parc de Choisy, 75013.

DJs, music and food of course!

broadcasted movie: Ali, La chèvre et Ibrahim – from the Egyptian movie director Sherif El Bendary.

Besides this one day festival, the NGO is also organising some activities all along the year. So let’s keep an eye on them.


Least but no last, let’s go to the Kino*!

Lola Pater

(available in Switzerland and France)

Lola Pater
Lola Pater

Movie from the Algerian director Nadir Moknèche.

After his mum passed away, Zimo starts to look for his father. This one has operated major changes in his life.

For sure this film will raise some questions in yourself. What is it to be parent, a man or a woman? Behind these identity questions, don’t forget to have a look at the art and beauty of the creation.


Zum Verwechseln ähnlich/ « Il a déjà tes yeux« 

(still available in France and Germany)

See our Facebook page for the description.


Buena Vista Social Club Adios

(available in Europe, Australia and the US)

Buena Vista Social Club Adios
Buena Vista Social Club Adios

Cuban music lovers, just run for it! Cuban culture lovers just rush for it. And if you’re not familiar with el son, this film will help you discover and/or understand it better.



(from Alain Gomis – next broadcast in Berlin 1st October)

Félicité available in cinemas

We higly recommend this film. It’s going to activate your emotional lift. You might cry, you may stand up and you will probably laugh.









What about you? What other movies are you going to enjoy at any festival or cinema?


*Kino - (cinema in German)