The Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

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The Carnival of Cultures in Berlin is a high moment of the German capital’s life. In May, the weather is often great in Berlin and people like enjoying their free time. Every year on Whit weekend, a festival is organised to celebrate the diversity of the cultures of Berlin’s inhabitants. It’s the idea behind the Carnival of Cultures.

Origins of the Carnival of Cultures

This event is a direct answer to the racist attacks which hit Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1996. The idea has been to underline the beauty, the diversity and the greatness of all the Berliners. Kreuzberg, the alternative and international neighbourhood, has been the place to welcome this festival. It is also a way to confirm that all these cultures have their place in Berlin and participate in the city’s life. It is now even more important to reaffirm it when political right-hands parties are more and more popular in Europe.

Moreover, we can add that Kreuzberg has been the place of protestations.

What is happening during the Carnival of Cultures

The carnival lasts 3 days, from Friday evening until Monday end of the afternoon. It starts every day around  11 am and it ends around midnight.

An entertaining location is organised in the heart of Kreuzberg. There, you can find some food with specialities from all over the world, drinks, objects and of course music. Many concerts are organised in this area. It is always crowded, but still nice and kids friendly.

The core of the Carnival of Cultures happens on Sunday afternoon. The parade. Over 7 hours, the caravans turn the street onto Berlin’s largest stage. They express their cultures, daily lives in Berlin and entertain the whole assistance.

Many people from different African and Caribbean countries introduce their cultures in creative ways. This year we enjoyed the caravans of Senegal, Ghana, Angola, Trinidad and  Biafra region. More surprising: an afrobeat caravan to celebrate African descents.

From what we saw this year, we can tell you that this carnival is going to be a significant event in Europe, just like the Notting Hill Carnival.

Afrobeat caravan - Carnival of cultures
Afrobeat caravan – Carnival of cultures – DJ Nomi, Freak de l’Afrique


Performers, artists and entertainers at the Carnival of Cultures

An event in Berlin, for the Berliners and to celebrate the local talents. The Carnival of Cultures is the right place to discover and enjoy the Berlin art scene.  It is also a reason why this festival has a particular friendly atmosphere. You can come to support your friends, family members or neighbours. The DJs, the dancers and the singers… they’re all Berliners.

On top of that, most of the food and drink providers are also local catering companies or restaurants.


What can you do when you attend the Carnival?

The good thing is that you can enjoy the Carnival of Cultures on your own especially on the Sunday’s parade.  If you’re alone, we recommend you to follow a caravan with some music that you like. Just follow it and dance!

And if you are with your crew you will definitely love it! Feel free to wear costumes, makeup or traditional clothes from your country.

Of course, you will enjoy food and drinks as much as you can.

Now, you know where you’re going to be next year to celebrate the Whit weekend. We will be there too.


And what about you? Is there any event celebrating diversity where you live? Let us know, we may come…


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