Films from Africa and its diaspora to stream on OAFF

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OAFF – Online African Film Festival – the first streaming platform dedicated to films from African and its diaspora is on its way.
Cinewax, a non-profit organisation promoting visual content created by Africans and African descents, has just launched a 40 days crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The goal is to raise a minimum of 25 000 euros to release a comprehensive platform that allows anyone, everywhere to access hundreds of films, documentaries, series … from the whole Afro world.

OAFF trailer – streaming platform for African films

What is OAFF exactly?

OAFF stands for Online Africa Film Festival. It has been first designed as a cinema event to be now a streaming platform. Behind this brilliant initiative is Cinewax, a French-based NGO promoting cultural awareness for Black visual creations. They put an emphasis on including the whole Afro world and not only Africa.
Therefore, the OAFF streaming platform and the content will be first in French, English and Spanish.
Any subscriber can access it from everywhere without using a VPN. Depending on your location some movies might not be available.
New films are released every month. They expect to reach 100 visual content at least by the end of the first year. This includes documentaries, films, experimental creations, first productions, short film, and so on.

They have somewhat already tested their idea. In April, Cinewax has opened its existing database, as people were asking for films from Africa and its diaspora during the lockdown. Whereas they reached 1000 viewers during the last OAFF edition (November 2019), this time about 12 000 people worldwide based watched at least one film. It is a clear signal.


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Crowdfunding to watch films from Africa and its diaspora

Like any other projects, the OAFF requires funds to be developed in a sustainable and user-friendly streaming platform. Following a vibrant online event on Wednesday 24th June, Cinewax launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
To start a goal of 25 000 euros has been set for:
– Funding a streaming platform and its maintenance for a year.
– Offering 100 visual content by the end of the year.
– Paying the broadcasting rights.
– Developing the project.

Then come 3 other goals allowing more visual content, user options and events.
50 000 euros: further development of the platform, releasing an App and about 150 films a year.
100 000 euros: more languages available, such as Portuguese, user-specific options, SAV. As Cinewax is an NGO, the members have been answering to all the enquiries on a voluntary basis.
250 000 euros: hiring more people especially for the platform and App development, the marketing, offering series on OAFF and organising events in several countries.

Pledges start from 8 euros for monthly access. A lifetime offer is available for 100 euros; places are very limited. The campaign ends on 3rd, August 2020.

OAFF – streaming and beyond

OAFF is not only a streaming platform providing films from Africa and its diaspora.

Dhalinyaro, a film from Djibouti received such a success in April on our platform that it caught the attention of several influencing media such as BBC. Following that, the film is now available on Amazon Prime. So, our platform doesn’t please viewers only.
OAFF offers visibility and awareness to film-makers, actors and Afro cinema in general.

Jean Fall, founder of Cinewax and OAFF

Viewers and subscribers will also enjoy more. Cinewax has teamed up with well-known brands to offer special discounts to those getting a specific pledge. You can expect advantages from Little Africa, BMK Paris Bamako restaurant and SINAÏ YABA.
Moreover, talks and events with the film-makers will be organised. An audience based jury will be selected to deliver rewards to some visual creations. It is another way to contribute to the creation of films from Africa and its diaspora.

“Dhalinyaro (2017), in Somali language, means youth. The film shows the daily life and hopes of three young high school girls, Asma, Hibo and Deka. Although they come from different social backgrounds, a deep friendship was born between them during their senior year. The plot unfolds around these three 18-year-old friends before their baccalaureate exams and their entry into a new future. Three journeys of Djiboutian women who are grappling with the social and cultural realities of their country. In a natural movement, without great speeches or shocking images, Dhalinyaro depicts the youth of Djibouti. It is the first feature film co-produced and directed by the pioneer of Djiboutian cinema, Lula Ali Ismaïl.” from Cinewax blog