Art to support the environment

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Creating awareness!

As an artist, it is my duty to have people think, learn and discover through art.


Art and environment are What we’re going to let to the next generations. More and more you can see some African artists focusing on these topics. They draw, they paint, they write and so on. On one hand, the purpose is to bring people closer to nature, on the other hand, they would like people to pay more attention to the environment. Artists are always doing things on their way. It is How they are surprising. We met one of these talented African artists in June in Berlin.


We suddenly discovered the installation of a particular exhibition mixing art and environment. But I must admit that we didn’t see it at the first sight.


Some newspapers have been hung on all the walls of the room from the ground to the top. What is this? The Lotto miracle! A curious lottery Ghanaian newspaper which is combining the figures of the day with some religious mottos. Well, at some point you may need to believe in something to expect a better life coming from gambling.

The artist has chosen to underline the expectations of a disillusioned society. All kind of beliefs is followed as long as it brings something positive. Isn’t it the same behaviour which has been mainly adopted all over the world regarding the protection of the environment?

Starting from here, Kwame Aidoo, the designer and artist of the exhibition, described the links he has created between this newspapers exhibition, art and environment.

First of all, he confirmed being somehow attracted by repetition, especially with figures.

Then, Kwame reminded us of the electronic waste stocked in Agbogbloshie* and the environmental disaster that it represents. There’s no relevant waste treatment policy. Therefore, the inhabitants of this neighbourhood and Accra, in general, are somewhat waiting and praying for better days, above all the other difficulties they must face. It looks like reading the Lotto Miracle, doesn’t it!

*Agbogbloshie is a slum of Accra, Ghana (West Africa), which is known to host one of the largest electronic waste dump in Africa.

Let’s look closer at this newspaper

front cover of the Miracle Lotto newspaper

The Lotto Miracle is a lottery newspaper published and sold on a daily basis. Indeed, some resources (wood, water, energy…) are used every day to generate something which is supposed to help people reach “happiness”, while the environment is under pressure! Now I’m sure you sense How smart and creative is Kwame.

Let’s have a closer look at this newspaper.

For some people, the lottery is a new religion, as we all know that money is a god. Therefore you can read on the front cover “the miracle centre”!

Do people gamble as well for the environment, throwing things and hoping to get everything well?

It is also where art plays a key role. Art has the power to touch one’s heart, open another level of consciousness and send messages even to uneducated people.


Art and environment: what’s Kwame’s vision

Kwame Aidoo is an artist in his early thirties, born in Ghana. Before exploring and expressing his artistic talents, Kwame studied biochemistry and biotechnology. Having a scientific background has definitely influenced the way he embraces art; his education makes him be even more aware of environmental issues.

Kwame is a multitalented and activist artist.  He doesn’t wait for things to happen. While we interviewed him, we enjoyed watching him calling people out to attend his performance and visit the exhibition.

He designed this Berlin art exhibition in a way which enables people entering his world. But you still have the freedom to interpret the pieces of art.


On top of these hung newspapers, Kwame gave a reading performance of poems talking about the environment protection,  LGBT rights, bad governance and much more.


What is actually leading Kwame Aidoo as an artist?


“Creating awareness! As an artist, it is my duty to have people think, learn and discover through art.”

We have no doubt about it! After Berlin, Kwame flew to Italy where he has been collaborating with some African migrants living there. An official performance, with Palermo’s mayor as a guest, has to be given.


Apart from being a generous artist, Kwame creates unexpected connections that we like to see. We’re definitely going to keep on following this African artist.