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quick Editorial

The AKAA fair – Also Known As Africa – was certainly the most important event of the year that we have attended. So, since November we have been looking for interesting and vibrant solutions to share this with you. 

Over 3 days, we met galleries and artists full of creativity, wisdom and of course ingenuity. This made it possible to conduct several interviews in several languages. The good news is that we have been invited to multiple exhibitions of the talents who participated in AKAA, as well as events organised by the various gallery owners. We would love sharing it with the visitors, the readers and the community of Amanié Magazine.

It is the purpose of AKAA throughout the year, a selected artistic program for you, by us.

Enjoying AKAA throughout the year

Through visual, written, audio, photo and video reports, we will relay the nuggets discovered during the 3rd edition of AKAA. This way, you can also follow their news, going to their exhibition and so on. Throughout the year, you can follow the talents and their galleries.

How is this going to happen?

Every month, the Amanié Magazine team presents an artist, whether or not associated with a gallery/fair. This is an artist met at the AKAA or whose work was presented there. Each artist comes from our own selection to embrace the cultural and language diversity in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Every month, find here, on our website, our AKAA throughout the year and on our social network profiles. As this is a new project, there will be changes overtime. So, we would be happy to hear your proposals, ideas and wishes.

Each of our newsletters will contain exclusive content, such as access to online exhibition, entry tickets to win or discounted tickets, interviews, documentaries and so on.

Now, it is the right time to register! It’s the best way not to miss anything.

When does it all start?

Right now! In a few days, we will present the first artist. (a small clue he is from Morocco). Don’t miss the boat!

AKAA, Also Known As Africa – a little reminder

launched in 2016
3rd edition from 9 to 11 November 2018, at the Carreau du Temple, in Paris
an average of 15,000 visitors

An unmissable event highlighting the contemporary African art scene with a global view. The fair travels throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and of course Europe with artists claiming a link to Africa. Countries like Haiti, Cape Verde, Cuba, Mauritius… were represented.

The program also included round tables, concerts, workshops, tastings and even a live artistic performance.

Alluring, isn’t it?!

Do not hesitate to share your opinions with us.