AKAA – Also Known As Africa

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Also Known As Africa – the introduction

AKAA – the contemporary African art fair held in November its 3rd edition in Paris. Over 4 days, productions of more than one hundred African and Caribbean artists have been presented at Also Known As Africa.

AKAA has been started in 2016. In the heart of Paris, about 15 000 visitors visited the fair. Indeed, it is a major event and a rendezvous for all the art lovers, art professionals and artists themselves.

On top of presenting amazing pieces of art, some artists have been performing on spot. It is a great opportunity to connect with people who are not so familiar with contemporary art. This could help parents to introduce their children to art work. This year, Dalila Dalléas Bouzar did some live painting directly on the visitors. Oh, yes she did and it was impressive to watch! On one hand it was an art performance, on the other hand, it was also reminding the traditional ceremonies, where people have their faces painted. As we often say, art expresses culture, which is the legacy anyone can give.

And of course the AKAA is the perfect place to buy some unique pieces of art, directly from the artists. They are here, you can discuss with them and have a better understanding of their work and pieces of art.

To end, this event gives amazing networking opportunities, which is a must for cultural entrepreneurs and business people. This perspective is really interesting: African descents, with various backgrounds are leading the game. Hundreds men and women came to the fair to promote their activities, which are definitely putting the African legacy under the spotlight.

How we like the AKAA – Also Known As Africa – art fair

We have really enjoyed this initiative. Then we have appreciated so much the diversity of the artists and galleries. They come from all parts of Africa, the Caribbean and the diaspora. Therefore, we could interview people speaking different languages, which is one of our core values. As you may know, Amanié Magazine likes putting under the spotlight the diversity of African based cultures. Language is definitely part of it. To share with you this huge artistic wealth, that we embraced at the AKAA – Also Known As Africa fair, we’re launching soon a year program. Stay tuned to know more about it!

To conclude, you would definitely had been amazed by the quality of the fair. What a pleasure! It was not only us: many participants have shared How delighted they have been about it.