Afromania festival in Berlin

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Afromania festival took place on Friday 21st September in Berlin. Berliners can now count on this afrobeat and Dancehall event to hit the dancefloor.

Afrobeat and Dancehall

Berlin hosts already several dance festivals: kizomba, salsa, bachata and so on.

So far, dancers and afro music lovers could only enjoy Afrobeat and Dancehall rythmes at parties. Thanks to the Afromania festival, there is now a change.

We’ve been there and we tell you how it was!

Afromania festival, 1st edition

Afromania 1st edition
Afromania 1st edition

Only few people attended the Afromania festival. It’s quite normal for a first edition. The early party adopters have shown up. And they certainly haven’t regretted it. Indeed, they had a juicy line up! Afro B, himself, put the dancefloor and the crowd on fire.

The Ivorian artist is well known in Berlin. There is not a party where the DJ misses playing “Johanna”. So, imagine the atmosphere when he arrived on stage!

The grooving melodies of Gorilla Funk had us travelled to Central and Eastern Africa.

Moreover, it wasn’t only about music and dance. Vybz Catering has delighted the foodies with some Jamaican Bbq chicken.

Another catering company has served some Senegalese dishes.

There is one more music and dance festival happening in the German capital. We appreciate this celebration of cultures and diversity. It definitely enhances the African and Caribbean cultures in Europe and in the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing the upcoming events of Afromania festival.

We can already tell to our Berliner readers, that another is coming very soon this year.